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What are the scenarios applicable to disposable gloves?

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With the improvement of people's health awareness, many industries have the need to wear disposable gloves, disposable gloves are everywhere. To subdivide, disposable gloves are mainly applicable to the following scenarios.

1. Medical health. Disposable gloves originated from the medical field, and doctors should be the first people to use disposable gloves. Common inspection gloves are used for simple physical examination of patients. Sterilized surgical gloves should be used when contacting the body and performing surgery.

2. Food processing. Hotels, catering industries and meat processing plants are required to wear disposable gloves during operation to ensure food safety and meet the protection needs of employees.

3. Industrial manufacturing. The enterprise will prepare appropriate disposable gloves for workers according to the protection points to protect their hands from cutting injuries and chemical agents.

4. Cleaning and labor protection. For hotel, home and factory cleaning, wear resistant gloves that can block harmful chemical agents are often used.

5. Experimental Chemistry. The laboratory will be exposed to different chemical reagents, some of which are corrosive. Wearing disposable gloves can block chemical reagents and play a protective role.

6. Tattoo. It is difficult to clean if you touch the dye with your bare hands. It is not hygienic to contact with different customers every day. In order to prevent cross infection of infectious diseases and ensure the occupational health of tattoo artists, disposable gloves that are comfortable and wear-resistant should be worn.

7. Automobile repair. The auto repairman is exposed to the oil stain of the car and grasps large equipment every day, so he needs to wear oil proof gloves that are easy to grasp.

8. Beauty. It is difficult to clean hands contaminated with chemical reagents such as hair dyes, and long-term contact will endanger health. Wearing disposable gloves can protect the health of employees.

In addition to the above, disposable gloves are also suitable for agricultural and animal husbandry, home decoration and other scenes. Nowadays, disposable gloves have been recognized by more and more people and begin to be widely used.

What are the scenarios applicable to disposable gloves

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