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Put On And Take Off Sequence Of Complete Isolation Protection

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Dressing order:

1.Change personal clothes.

2. Wear a disposable working cap.

3. Wear a medical protective mask (note that the mask should be N95 or above, and pay attention to whether the mask is in good condition, and pay attention to air tightness inspection after wearing it).

4. Wear protective goggles.

5. hand hygiene disinfection.

6. Wear disposable gloves.

7. Wear disposable protective clothing or isolation gown (if you need to use a protective mask, wear it outside the disposable protective clothing).

8. Wear work shoes and disposable waterproof boots or long rubber boots.

9. Wear long-sleeved rubber gloves.

Take-off sequence:

1. Replace the outer rubber gloves with disposable gloves.

2. Take off the waterproof apron.

3. Take off the disposable waterproof boots (if you are wearing long boots, you should take off your long boots first to get work shoes).

4. Take off medical disposable protective clothing.

5. Take off disposable gloves.

6. Disinfect the inner gloves.

7. Take off the protective eye mask.

8. Take off the medical protective mask.

9. Take off the disposable working cap.

10. Take off the inner disposable gloves and pay attention to hand hygiene and disinfection.

11. Change back to personal clothes.

The above is about the sequence and method of putting on and taking off medical protective clothing. In special cases, it is necessary to wear a full set of protective devices to ensure the health of medical staff.

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