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Look for Garbage Bags That Fit Your Workplace in Gallons, Size, Thickness, And Color.

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Trash cans are an important part of any business, but picking the right sized bags for them can be tricky. When choosing what to use as a bag, you need to consider several things: such as how much space do I fill with trash, what type of trash do you put in the bag, and what type of plastic do I need to use? These and other factors may come into play when choosing the right garbage bag, and these tips below should provide you with a starting point to make it easier to decide what works best for your application.

There may be multiple sizes of trash cans around your office or workplace. For example, the 23-gallon Slim Jim style trash can is a common size and style found in break rooms and/or bathrooms. For this particular trash can, you can use a 40" x 46" sized trash bag that will fit perfectly into the trash can style, hanging an extra 4 inches on each side to fit it all inside correctly and leaving you enough room for the plastic to tie the ends together correctly to be able to close the trash bag. The size also doesn't leave you with a lot of excess plastic, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

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