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How many colors are there for disposable nitrile gloves?

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How many colors are there for disposable nitrile gloves? In production, disposable nitrile gloves are produced with different colors, like blue, green, black, white, orange, pink, purple, etc. Different color is suitable for different application field.

For example, blue means safety color, it is more convenient to find glove fragments quickly in food during processing to ensure food safety, and blue color is also widely used in medical examination, surgical operation, nursing, dental work. Black nitrile gloves are preferred by auto repair, tattoo, salon industry because of the dirt resistance. Orange, as a warning color, is more common used in labor protection . The dust-free workshop of the electronics factory mainly uses white nitrile gloves to assemble precise instrument parts.

With the expansion of market demand, maybe much more colors disposable nitrile gloves will be supplied in the future.

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