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Disposable Coveralls

Material: PP Non-woven Fabric/PP Non-woven Fabric+PE Film/Sms Composite Non-woven Fabric
Color: White, Blue
Size: S-XXXL
Packing: One Piece Per Bag
Features: Whole Body Integrated Protection
  • GDhygiene

  • White, Blue

  • S-XXXL

Disposable Coveralls

High-quality disposable coveralls meets different countries' standards.

Disposable Coveralls

Product Parameters

Name Disposable Coveralls
Material PP Non-woven Fabric/PP Non-woven Fabric+PE Film/Sms Composite Non-woven Fabric
Color White, Blue
Size S-XXL
Packing One Piece Per Bag
Features Whole Body Integrated Protection

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Product packaging

Disposable Coveralls - Product Packaging-1
Disposable Coveralls - Product Packaging-2

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Applicable Industries

Hygiene and cleaning


Food processing


Mechanical work


Medical Clinic


Our Services

- We have an experienced team and high-tech equipment.

- Professional manufacturer and factory direct sales.

- Provide a full range of PPE safety products.

- We can make products according to your requirements, such as your size, color, design.

- OEM/custom packaging is feasible.

- All products meet CE, FDA standards.

- Excellent after-sales service to ensure your satisfaction.

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Company Information

GD Hygiene, offers a wide range of high quality disposable PPE products. Our factory started producing PPE nonwoven products such as disposable three-layer masks in 2004 and invested in disposable gloves in 2009.

With 18 years of experience, through our advanced production lines and high standards of quality control, we are able to produce first-class products at competitive prices.

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