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What is the difference between medical surgical gloves and medical examination gloves?

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Latex gloves are one of the protective gloves made of latex. Compared with gloves made of other materials, latex gloves are softer, aging-resistant, environmentally friendly and durable. They are essential protective products for household, industrial, medical, beauty and other industries. Both medical surgical gloves and medical examination gloves are a kind of latex gloves. Although they are all sterilized safety gloves that can be used for medical treatment, there are still some differences in characteristics and uses between them.

medical surgical gloves

Disposable sterile surgical gloves

It is characterized by the fact that it is made of high-quality imported natural rubber. It is divided into left and right hands. It has strong tensile strength, five times the elasticity without deformation, and the sleeves are elongated so that it can be worn to the elbow. Ergonomic curved finger design, four sizes, perfectly fit the hand shape, precise operation. Surgical gloves are treated with special technology, anti-slip and wear-resistant, which can effectively isolate germs and avoid infection. It is suitable for surgical operations such as various operations, central catheter placement, and gastrointestinal nutrient solution configuration.

Disposable medical examination gloves

(Glossy surface with powder): Safe and environmentally friendly, straight finger design, no distinction between left and right hands, fits the shape of the hand, and is convenient and comfortable to wear. Powdered gloves are made of medical modified starch or corn starch, which are safe and non-toxic, and can effectively keep hands dry. They are slippery on the inside and cool on the outside, making them easy to wear. It is suitable for community disinfection, personal safety protection, hotel cleaning, flower gardening, household use, etc.

(Powder-free hemp flour): Powder-free gloves are processed through a special process to make them thicker and fit better, and can effectively prevent allergies. It is suitable for laboratories, scientific research, and various manufacturing industries. It can be used to operate organic reagents such as acetone, butanol, ethyl acetate, and isopropanol, as well as operate precision instruments and beauty equipment.

During the epidemic, medical surgical gloves are often used as nucleic acid protective gloves, because surgical gloves are longer and thicker, and have stronger protection. You can also choose to wear two pairs of examination gloves, which can also prevent cross-infection.

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